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Exitstencil card number 1



Exitstencil card number 9

Exitstencil postcard number 9 of 12



Exitstencil card number 8

Designed by Gee Vaucher, Soldier was originally the cover of International Anthem number 2

Exitstencil card number 2

Number 2 in a series of 12 Postcards produced by Crass

Feeding of the Five Thousand CD Re-issue

Crass Records CC01

CD Re-Mastered  Feeding of the Five Thousand in box with booklet and mini version of the Crass Records Release cover.

Much has been written about the re-issueing of the remastered Crass Albums, and the split within the band over their issue, but here they are and all I can say is amazing. The quality of the original recordings are great, miles better than the 1990 CD issues, which I always found thin and flat. The unreleased material includes a pre Crass (stormtrooper) recording of ‘Do they owe Us a Living’ recorded May 77 as well as demos from a soho recording  in 79 and Southern Studio demos in 78. The packaging as you would expect from Crass is exquisite, works of Art that happen to surround a CD, a booklet containing lyrics and images done by Gee Vaucher, the box also contains a mini reproduction of the original Feeding of the Five thousand Cover with the pay only £3.00 tag.

I hope that now its released those doubters have a change of heart, and see these for what they are, a fitting issue to the Crass legacy, may they continue.

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Christ the Album CD

Crass Records BOLLOX2U2 CD

Different Cover

Crass Records BOLLOX2U2, BOLLOCKS 2U2.CD.

feeding of the 5000 CD 1990

Crass Records 621984 CD

CD version of the second sitting