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Rival Tribal Rebel Revel Flexi

Crass Records   421984/6F

Came with the Toxic Grafity zine
Square shaped flexi disc. Some copies with red print,
some printed in silver with a slightly different layout (2nd pressing)

“The Conway Hall gig also boosted one of the more extreme fanzines of the day. Toxic Graffity (sic) had been lined up as the benefactor of the next gig Crass was to play at the Conway Hall, but since they were now understandably persona-non-grata, they offered instead to give the fanzine a new track ‘Rival Tribal Rebel Revels’ – partly inspired by the Conway Hall events – for inclusion as a flexi-disc for the next issue.This proved such a popular move that Toxic Graffity sold tens of thousands, where purchasers were treated to page after page of anarchist ranting and newspaper cut-out invective. It was possibly a sign of one of the failings of the movement that the intelligent and eloquent young man who put the fanzine together considered constant dumbing-down and clichés as the best way to get his message over.” From the story of Crass.

The Toxic Grafity Fanzine which was the beneficiary of Crass giving it the rival tribal rebel revel Flexi.



tribellableCrass Records 421984/6                                                                                                  Some 500 hard vinyl copies of the Tribal with sleeve were released for to play in shops stocking the fanzine.

Flexi with Black Text

Flexi with sliver text

toxicstickersStickers Issued with Toxic Grafity