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Exit stencil card number 12

Exit Stencil postcard Number 12


Photo from Stop the City 1983

Exit stencil card number 10

Exit Stencil postcard Number 10



Exit stencil card number 7

Exit Stencil Postcard Number 7

Exit stencil card number 4

Exit stencil postcard number 4 Welcome home


Exit stencil card number 3

Exit Stencil Postcard number 3

A statement against the Falklands war  Issued 3rd June 1982 by the Mob and Crass


Exit stencil card number 8

Exit Stencil postcard 8 designed by Gee


Exit stencil card number 5

Exit Stencil Postcard 5, featuring and image from the Sun news paper of solider Simon Weston badly injured in the Falklands war meeting Prince Charles

Exit stencil card number 1

Exit Stencil Postcard number 1 designed by Gee


Exit stencil card number 6



Marget Thatcher card was also given away with the first pressings of Yes sir I will

Exit stencil card number 2

Number 2 in a series of 12 Postcards produced by Crass