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Stations of the Crass, Remastered reissue

Crass Records CC02

CD Re-Mastered  Stations of the Crass in box with booklet and mini version of the Crass Records Release cover.

Again with the Crassical Collection immaculately packaged, with a similar box as The Feeding of the Five Thousand, booklet and mini version of the original vinyl LP sleeve, done by Gee Vaucher and again a beautiful art work. The remastering again makes the sound totally contemporary and very very rich, not the thin sound of the 90s release. Stations was always always a favorite of mine and listening to it again after so many years is amazingly refreshing, Big Hands, The Gasman Cometh, Contaminational Power, Darling and White Punks On Hope all classics, and all sound amazing. Must say Crass’s Oi song I Ain’t Thick, It’s Just A Trick still makes me laugh out loud.

This release come with the John Peel Session recorded on 28th March 1979, Only ever having it on cassette recorded at the time of its broadcast it great to hear how Crass got on recording away from Southern, finally hearing the layers of sound that my little mono tape deck failed enhance, The sound is very full the guitars just cut through the base, and there are some great experimental noises in there to build the sound. One thing these re masters have highlighted to me is was a great  bass player Peter Wright was. Check out Gozonabit you can even hear Penny Laugh. The live tracks from Pied Bull, Islington, London, 7th August 1979 are not on this release but will be available for download from the Crassarkive

CD Cover