This is a site for all things Crass. Crass the Band, Crass the Record Label, Crass the propagandists and Crass the people.

Hope you enjoy it please comment and if you have any good crass stories or Items send them along to seditionandthemob@googlemail.com

I’m looking for scans of reviews, flyers, posters, handouts or fanzines, If you could help drop me a line, also if you have corrections or spot mistakes then let me know. I need more info on D&V, Hit Parade, Andy T, Lack Of Knowledge etc…

Thanks to all those who have given me scans and ideas, I will get around to posting them soon

October 10th. Early crass releases have been updated and a few of the other bands. still on the look out for scans of all things crass and crass records, so if you have anything at all please let me know. Hopefully in the near future i’ll be adding interviews with band members, artists etc to add some meat to the individual releases.

Check out the sister site Crass second sitting a site that will cover Crass output since 1984, as well as news of the bands and individuals who were part of the crass records stable. Again we need your help with info and images.

Sorry we wont be posting MP3 files to this site there are plenty out there that do but Crass second sitting will list bootlegs that are available.

Thanks again to everyone who have given me suggestions and links, and for those who have sent me scans

2000 hits in the first 6 weeks

7 responses to “About

  1. Excellent site! Anything we can do to help, let us know. x

  2. Thanks Alison, I’m sure I will hit you with lots of questions as soon as I’ve got the basics done.

  3. Hi does anyone know anything about CRASS’s early gigs in NYC.. Like when & where…??
    many thanks

  4. great site wish id spotted this earlier

  5. Well done, crass were always more than the music it was more a way of life.
    We need crass more than ever now
    Look at the occupy movement that’s going on now all over the world.
    Crass brought so many important issues to the fore and engaged a whole generation with the world, governments, religions & wars
    Thank you

  6. really good site! Do you know where can I find the lyrics of 10 notes on a Summer’s day?

  7. Brilliant stuff, great to be reminded of how great the crass family was

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