DIRT: Object Refuse Reject Abuse 


Crass Records 321984/6

Recorded & mixed at Southern Studios, Sept 1981 and produced by Penny Rimbaud.

Gary Remembers from the Dirt Web Site

“Expression… the lyrics come from within… from things around us that happen to us, that we see.”
Like most of the releases on the label, members of Crass were directly involved with the record both with layout and with studio production. On the cover, crime and war scene photos are juxtaposed with a collage of photos of band members as a bit of lighthearted fun against the backdrop of doom and gloom. Also, for the first time, the black and white skull image that would become associated with the band as a logo appeared.
Gary, “The text was done by me, the collage was done by Andy (crass). The skull on the records which was also used as the bands logo was painted by an artist and best friend of the band… Leo!
“Many people have submitted to us what they feel it represents… No Comment!”
The recording itself was produced by Penny Rimbaud and engineered by John Loder at Southern.
Gary, “Recording was weird… never been in a studio before… it was good but also disturbing… in the sense that what may work live on a stage, sounds dreadful when you break down the individual instruments.
“Coupled with the fact that our equipment was the cheapest you could possibly get! And I seem to recall having to do my vocals over and over…
“Working with Crass was fun, inspirational and laid back. Southern Studios had a relaxed atmosphere and nothing was rushed… there was no obvious concept of time.