Crass Records 121984/6

  • A1) Another Sunset
  • A2) Girl In A Mask
  • B1) Radioactive Man
  • B2) We’re Looking For People
  • Bass [Uncredited] – Paul Stevens
  • Design [Cover Design], Photography By – Dada Nana, Lack Of Knowledge
  • Drums [Uncredited] – Philip Barker
  • Engineer – John Loder
  • Guitar [Uncredited] – Tony Barber
  • Producer – Penny Rimbaud
  • Songwriter [Uncredited] – Chiefy (tracks: A1,B1,B2), Daniel Drummond, Paul Stevens , Philip Barker(tracks: A2), Tony Barber
  • Vocals [Uncredited] – Daniel Drummond
  • Written-By [Written And Directed By] – Lack Of Knowledge

Recorded 6th/7th August 1983 at Southern Studios, London.

Some note about the recording from the bands web site

In the summer of 1983,the band finally made their way down to Southern Studios to record the “Grey” 7” for Crass Records.Continuing off from their debut single,Lack Of Knowledge found ways of remaining melodic and memorable while exploring new musical ideas.Drummond’s vocals are deeper and less typically “punk”,a style that would even further develops on subsequent releases.Needless to say,Joy Division comparisons were to follow.There are quite a variety of tempos and rhythms over just four songs.Lyrically,the record is a mixture of paranoia and nuclear anxiety.Using ambiguity to their advantage,the band wound up sounding more like a “Crass” band then they realized.

The design is a collection of photos detailing architecture around certain parts of the city becoming what’s known as a psychogeographic map.The concept,developed as a way of combining subjective and objective modes of study by the Situationists in 1958,is a means of defining the geographical design of an environment and it’s implications on the psyche of it’s inhabitants.While the term doesn’t imply it,historically,all psychogeographic maps have been of urban settings.The collection of photos on “Grey”,of London’s council estates vividly depicts how the architecture as well as city planning helped to increase alienation and despair.







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