Reality Asylum Japanese single on Rough Trade Japan from 1981

I originally touched on this release in the Reality Asylum single release details, but I’ve found some new images around the net that now allow me to flesh out this post. After the initial release of the single and had been an indie chart hit Rough Trade approached the band to see if they wanted to release the single in Japan. Penny remembers ” Rough Trade asked if they could release it and we thought why not, I think Gee did some extra stuff for the sleeve, they did all the work we didn’t have much to do with it” Numbers released vary between 1000-5000

Single with Poster, note the Rough Trade single slip cover.

Unfolded sleeve

Japanese idents on single sleeve

$_57Demo Version with demo stamp




Manufactured By Japan Records Inc. Tokyo                                                 Distributed by Tokuma Musical Industries Co, Ltd

3 responses to “Reality Asylum Japanese single on Rough Trade Japan from 1981

  1. Great Blog, Do you have anything on Crass gigs overseas?

    • Thanks Si, Alas I really don’t have too much info on the gigs crass did abroad, but if anyone out there has more info
      posters flyers etc please let me know, I would love to have them for the site.

      • Just an Update

        The only gigs Crass did abroad two gigs in New York and one in Iceland and a tour of Germany and Holland

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