International Anthem Number 3

International Anthem Number 3  1980 Gee Vaucher 37cm x 30 cm

Third edition of International Anthem, came out in 1980 and the first issue to have the Crass logo on it.

Gee Vaucher collage 28 cm x 21 cm for International Anthem Number 3



5 responses to “International Anthem Number 3

  1. Wow! this site is amazing, I love Crass and Gee Vaucher, never knew they did so much stuff. I heard there was going to be more International Anthems is this right? again brilliant site

  2. Cool blog, is Gee doing any art stuff these days?

  3. Thanks Richard, yes there was two more issues that Gee had planed, number 4 was about Ireland and number 5 about war. I will be covering these issues soon with some images created for them.

    Systemdead Gee is constantly busy you can get most news of Gee activities as well as Penny and Steve from the southern web site. Here’s a link for a news item at southern on Gee’s show in America

  4. Interesting Crass-story,in that it somehow manages to leave out the fact that Eve Libertine and Joi de Vivre – two pivotal female members of Crass – basically conceived Penis Envy AND were a huge part of the band in every other respect.

    I have to wonder who wrote this bio? How can you mention crass’ achievements for womyn in punk rock and somehow forget to mention the womyn who made it happen????

    • Yes Eve Libertine and Joi de Vivre were a huge part of crass as was Gee and Annie, they were and still are incredibly strong women,
      but personally I think Crass were the sum of its parts it wouldn’t have happened the way it did with out all the dynamics of the individual members group,weather male of female.

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