Penis Envy Remastered reissue


Penis Envy Box Cover

Booklet Cover

CD Cover

Reproduction Cover

I’ll state from the beginning that Penis Envy is my favourite Crass album, so going back and hearing these songs again was a pleasure. Again the production is great, the album feel fresh and alive, I had the fortune to hear it playing through a great shop sound system at Hitsville in dusseldorf were you could hear every little tweak and string slide it was amazing. Beta Motel and Berkertex Bride are still massive songs but other like System Death and Poison in a Pretty Pill as well as others have benefited from the remaster.

Again beautifully packaged by Gee with a mini version of the original album cover, booklet and gatefold CD. Again you should go buy this and re-evaluate it for yourself, Penis Envy a truly brilliant album



One response to “Penis Envy Remastered reissue

  1. my favorite crass album as well. way ahead of its time…

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