The Rest is Propaganda: Steve Ignorant and Steve Pottinger

Publisher: Southern Records, ISBN-10: 0956674607, ISBN-13: 978-0956674609

This really is the story of Stephen Williams, a working class kid from Dagenham who happened to become the singer in one of the Britain’s most important punk bands. The Story of how Steve first met Penny and the Dial house people has been told many time before, but the reasons of why such a bond grew between them has been lost in the Chinese whispers since the band demise in 1984.

The book is the tale of love affairs, the love of life, of friendship, the love of music and the love of people and like all love affaires they can let you down, which is the story of Steve’s life, and a refreshing read it is too, not glossed over but told in a straight and honest way.

Steve talks through his youth, then through the Crass and post Crass years and the emotional straight jacket the Crass has become to him and how it took time to be comfortable about Crass and its legacy.

I love some of the stories about kipping down in some hideous places in around Europe with no beds or toilets, took me back to my youth :).

Go buy this book, even of your not a Crass fan, a great read.

4 responses to “The Rest is Propaganda: Steve Ignorant and Steve Pottinger

  1. Nice review, I some how feel sorry for Steve as if he were a child who miss out on childhood due to nursing a sick brother, if you know what I mean. The emotional straight jacket you talked about seems to have stifled some of the things he wanted to say, and he ended up becoming a mouth piece for Pennys lyrics. But I still love Crass they changed my life too.

  2. Im not sure I feel the same way as you re Steve’s role in the band, I think he was fearsly independent person and was not ones mouth piece. I think he’s role was crucial to the band he was working class which gave him a different take on life that some of the band didn’t have, which made them work on many levels. As for missing out on his childhood, I think he lived and is living life to the full

  3. I don’t understand why Steve put that chapter in the book about Colin from conflict ripping him off, defeats all the good work Crass did.
    Colin is a sound guy and I think the facts stand for themselves the Steve is not telling the truth.

  4. I think the book is a very personal one and as I said one of love affairs that let you down, maybe he feels Colin’s actions fall into that category. I am not privy to any of the facts about the whole event apart from what I have read on various blogs and forums, I’m sure it will all become clear soon, but at the moment its very sore with the people involved.

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