Feeding of the Five Thousand CD Re-issue

Crass Records CC01

CD Re-Mastered  Feeding of the Five Thousand in box with booklet and mini version of the Crass Records Release cover.

Much has been written about the re-issueing of the remastered Crass Albums, and the split within the band over their issue, but here they are and all I can say is amazing. The quality of the original recordings are great, miles better than the 1990 CD issues, which I always found thin and flat. The unreleased material includes a pre Crass (stormtrooper) recording of ‘Do they owe Us a Living’ recorded May 77 as well as demos from a soho recording  in 79 and Southern Studio demos in 78. The packaging as you would expect from Crass is exquisite, works of Art that happen to surround a CD, a booklet containing lyrics and images done by Gee Vaucher, the box also contains a mini reproduction of the original Feeding of the Five thousand Cover with the pay only £3.00 tag.

I hope that now its released those doubters have a change of heart, and see these for what they are, a fitting issue to the Crass legacy, may they continue.

Vive le Rock Review

Record Collector Review

2 responses to “Feeding of the Five Thousand CD Re-issue

  1. Yes a fantastic reissue, sounds amazing. Stations of the Crass reissue should be out very soon, cant wait to see it.

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