A Sides (Part Two. 1982-1984)

Crass Records CAT NO9

A compilation of A sides from singles released by Crass Records.  The unwritten story of punk as it really was. Art work by Gee Vaucher

  • THE CRAVATS. Rub Me Out.
  • ANDY T. Tomorrow? What About the Old? Dirty Squatters. Tiny Revolutions…
  • Wasted Life. Big Boys. Death is Big Business. Man’s Life.
  • ALTERNATIVE. Anit-Christ.
  • ANTHRAX. Capitalism is Cannibalsim…Violence is Violence.
  • OMEGA TRIBE. Another Bloody Day…Profiteer.
  • SLEEPING DOGS. Same Old Story…Concrete.
  • HIT PARADE. Here’s What You Find In Any Prison.
  • D & V. Jekyll and Hyde…Wake Up.
  • LACK OF KNOWLEDGE. We’re Looking for People…Another Sun Set.
  • M.D.C. Multi-Death Corporation…Selfish Shit
  • JANE GREGORY. Do Not Go.

All tracks recorded at Southern Studios, London (unless otherwise stated)
Track 1 recorded at March 82.
Track 2 home recorded at the Crass bunker and remixed at Southern Studios June 1982.
Track 4 recorded and mixed 9th October 1982.
Track 5 recorded 27/28 Sept 1982.
Track 6 recorded December 1982.
Track 7b is not listed on the tracklisting.
Track 8b & 8c are not listed in the tracklisting.
Track 8 recorded March 83
Track 9 recorded 6th/7th August 1983.
Track 10 recorded at High Rise Studios, NY, NY June 1983.

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