A sides (Part One. 1979 / 1982) Various Artists

Crass Records CATNO 8

  • Various artists volume 1.  All the A sides from 1997 to 1982, Artwork By, Design – Gee Vaucher
  • HONEY BANE. Girl on the Run

    ZOUNDS. Can’t Cheat Karma.

  • POINSON GIRLS. Promenade Immortelle.
  • FLUX OF PINK INDIANS. Tube Disasters.
  • ANNIE ANXIETY. Barbed Wire Halo.
  • THE SNIPERS. The Parents of God.
  • CAPTAIN SENSIBLE. (What D’Ya Give) The Man Who’s Got Everything.
  • DIRT. Hiroshima…Unemployment.
  • THE MOB. No Doves Fly Here.
  • CONFLICT. Conflict.
  • RUDIMENTARY PENI. Sacrifice.

    A Compilation of A Sides from singles released by Crass Records.
    The unwritten story of punk as it really was.
    All tracks recorded at Southern Studios, London.
    Track 1: Recorded 27/10/79. Credited to Donna & The Kebabs. Originally released on 521984/1
    Track 2: Recorded and mixed July 5 & 7 1980. The drums are credited to Josef Portar, but a session musician called Ed actually played drums on this release. Originally released on 421984/3.
    Track 3: Originally released on 421984/8.
    Track 4: Recorded and mixed Jan 81. Originally released on 321984/2.
    Track 5: Recorded April 81. Originally released on 321984/3.
    Track 6: Originally released on 321984/4.
    Track 7: Originally released on 321984/5.
    Track 8: Recorded and mixed Sept 81. Originally released on 321984/6.
    Track 9: Recorded and mixed Sept 81. Originally released on 321984/7.
    Track 10: Recorded and mixed 1981. Originally released on 221984/1.
    Track 11: Recorded and mixed March 27 & 28 1982. Originally released on 221984/2.

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