Crass Records 221984/11

The Sleeping Dogs were the first American band on Crass Records. In December of 1982, Sleeping Dogs recorded a four song EP that was released on Crass Records. Though Charley Arsenal wasn’t featured on the EP, Bad Boy and Dirty Dog were accompanied by Penny Rimbaud, Pete Right Sleep Tight and Helan Harmon. Pete Right was also credited for an excellent breakfast of Middle Eastern olive bread and fried wild mushrooms while they were in studio, Comes in a foldout sleeve

  • A1) Same Old Story
  • A2) Concrete
  • B1) Suzy’s Song
  • B2) (I Got My Tan In) El Salvador
  • B3) Soldier

Drums: Dirty Dog and Puny Rumble
Bass: Bad Boy and Sleep Tight
Guitar: Helan Harmon
Vocals: D.D.&B.B.

One response to “SLEEPING DOGS beware

  1. I always liked how Concrete was a redone version of Get Off Yr Ass by Amerikan Arsenal. Much, much improved.

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