Crass Records  121984/4

  • A) Who Dunnit?
  • B) Who Dunnit?

Recorded at The Thatcher’s Arms, Finchley, London. June 1983 Thanks to Dennis the barman. Another Tim Eggar Production. Runout Groove side A: If you don’t get it… Runout Groove side B: …we will. An E.M.I. master

The single came in both black and shit brown vinyl

From The Story of Crass, In an attempt to lighten the mood and prove (to themselves?) they did still laugh occasionally, Crass put out ‘Whodunnit?’ a comedy single, to coincide with the General Election.The sleeve featured a soiled piece of toilet paper, while the song featured music hall piano, some very odd jokes told in the style of music hall comedians and a chorus:“Birds put the turd in custard, but who put the shit in number 10?” It came in brown vinyl.

Penny Rimbaud:“Increasingly as we became cornered in a political outlook, because we appeared to be an alternative authority, we were in the ‘right’ political position.And because of that we got polarised in that political position. And inevitably that position became a reformist one because we couldn’t move out, because we’re not revolutionaries. We knew a few days before the election that there was absolutely no chance at all of there being anything other than a Thatcher victory, so we pro- duced ‘Whodunnit’ as a statement of our despair, disgust, disappointment and disinterest.And just as a sign of disrespect really.We were reduced to being naughty boys and girls in the schoolroom.”

Black Vinyl Labels

Brown Vinyl Labels

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