D&V the nearest door

Crass Records 121984/1

  • A1  Jekyll And Hyde
  • A2  Wake Up
  • A3  High Above
  • B1  Step Inside
  • B2  Dignity
  • B3 S21RN

“Sheffield’s D & V weren’t to everybody’s taste, but once heard, they were never forgotten… how many other anarcho-punk bands comprised just a drummer and a vocalist? And what better way to deliver a pertinent message other than just the words of wisdom you care to impart and a rhythm against which to deliver them?” Ian Glasper

“People always used to say, ‘What happened to the guitarist and bassist?’ But we just wanted to stand out from the crowd really.” Jeff Antcliffe

What is the Nearest Door? “Well, the single is based around the concept of being inside and outside life. The inside is the individual and the outside is the world outside of you, and the Nearest Door is the mind. It’s something I thought about a long time ago. ‘Why not try the Nearest Door?’ means get in touch with yourself. It’s not as cosmic as it seems.”

Do you ever feel restricted by that, just having drums and vocals?

“We did when we first started but that was just because it was a totally new thing altogether. But now Andy’s getting more and more into drum sounds and stuff like that and we’re learning to use the drums more – because percussion is a very interesting thing. “You are only limited by your imagination – there’s a lot you can do with it. So I don’t think we’re restricted at all. We don’t have a set of songs that sound the same cos it’s a two-way thing on a 50/50 basis of rhythm and rhyme. There’s so much you can do. It’s all a matter of trying hard enough. “What we found funny was that there was all this talk of Steve and Penny doing it ages ago and at the time we started we didn’t know a thing about it. A lot of people thought we were just following that, and also that Siouxsie and Budgie thing but really it was just by chance.” interview from ‘Testament of Reality’  fanzine number 10

Drums: Andy Leach Vocals: Jef Antcliffe

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