ALTERNATIVE in nomine patri

Crass Records 221984/8

Recorded at Southern Studios on 11th and 12th October 1982. Producer – Penny Rimbaud, Comes in a foldout sleeve.

  • A) Anti Christ
  • B1) Warfear
  • B2) Who’s Sussed
  • B3) Moral Bondage

From the Alternative wab site “The band made their first appearance on vinyl courtesy of Crass, with the track ‘Change It’ (also known as ‘Blind Ones’)
on 1980’s ‘Bullshit Detector’ album. A simple, rather generic punk ditty, that stood out on the record by virtue of its unassuming yet catchy chorus, it not only helped the band’s national profile immensely, more importantly itstarted a relationship with Crass that would eventuallylead to the release of the quietly seminal ‘In Nomine Patri’ single in early 1983, by which time, Gordon ‘Gogs’ Smith had replaced Wilf on bass, and Dougie McHale from The Actives had joined as second guitarist. Recorded at Southern Studios by John Loder, the main thrust of the EP was the potent ‘Anti Christ’, a powerful statement opening with the unforgettable metaphor, ‘I came out of the warm womb into a world of fear and hopelessness, I was given the gift of life, but the package of this gift was opened by someone else…’ It spent three months in the Independent Charts, peaking impressively at No. 6”


Bass – Gordon
Drums – Jaa
Engineer – John Loder
Guitar – Dougie , Rodney Relax
Organ, Percussion [Bells] – Paul Ellis
Producer – Penny Rimbaud
Vocals – Rice  , Trinity
Words By, Music By, Design – Alternative

2 responses to “ALTERNATIVE in nomine patri

  1. The music to the song ‘Change It’ was written by Rockin’ Rick Buzzin now of the z/28 he is also the guitarist on the track from bullshit detector – which was recorded at palladium studios in Edinburgh and was never credited (now you can sensationally put that right and confirm it with all the other alternative members listed) – cause the Alternative chucked him out of the band for having a pair of ‘roller skates’ and he joined Twisted Nerve – he got fucked of with that and bought a Chevy Camaro and formed the Ill-Eagle AC Scotland american car club thinkin’ most people are up their own arse with the deluded ideal that their way is the right way and only time will prove us to be the arseholes wet they are !

  2. Still nice to see good old negative remarks after all these years. Shame Buzzin wasn’t credited though, but is that not just a generic term music by Alternative? Only saying, But a good track. Ex guitarist from the band also.

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