Crass Records 221984/3

Comes in a foldout sleeve. Second of a series of compilations highlighting demo tracks sent to Crass by a variety of bands.


1] Waiting For Bardot “Voice Of U.K.”
2] Omega Tribe “Nature Wonder”
3] Suspects “Random Relations”
4] Your Funeral “Think About It”
5] Kronstadt Uprising “Receiver Deceiver”
6] Deformed “Freedom”
7] No Label “Let’s Get It Right”
8] The Rejected “Same Old Songs”
9] Boffo “Garageland”
10] XS “Fuck The System”
11] Polemic Attack “Manipulated Youth”
12] A. Gardener “A Gardener’s Song”
13] Toxic “Tradition Of Slaughter”
14] 1984 “Breakup”
15] Unknown Artist “Insert”
16] Toxik Ephex “Police Brutality”
17] Sic “Low”
18] Molotov Cocktail “Ain’t Got A Clue”
19] Naked “Mid 1930’s (Pre-War Germany)”
20] Capital Punishment “We’ve Realised The Truth Now”
21] Anthrax “All The Wars”
22] Unknown Artist “Slaughter Of The Innocent (Curiosity Kills)”
23] Psuedo Sadists “War Games”
24] Total Chaos “Psycho Analysis”
25] Dougie “War Without Winners”
26] St. Vitus Dancers “The Survivor”
27] Stegz “Christus Erection”
28] Metro Youth “Brutalised”
29] Normality Complex “Black Market Shadow”
30] Youth In Asia “Power & The Glory”
31] Riot Squad “Security System”
32] Destructors “Agent Orange”
33] The Pits “U.K. In Dreamland”
34] The Bored “Riot Style”
35] Toby Kettle “Theatre Comment”
36] Chumbawamba “Three Years Later”
37] Passion Killers “Start Again”
38] Amerikan Arsenal “Get Off Yr Ass


  1. My name is fred twigg guitarist of punk rock band The Suspects.I would like to put a 3 day festival together for all the bands that played on the bullshit detector 2 album, and would like to hear from any band that played on the album from that time.I need contact from every band that played on the album so I can start setting up the gig.You can get in touch via the mail.
    Kind Regards Fred.

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