THE MOB no doves fly here 

Crass Records 321984/7

Released on April 18th 1982 and produced by Penny Rimbaud

From Kill your puppy fanzine

Mark remembers thus; The recording was done over two days in September 1981 at Southern Studios, with Penny and John producing and engineering the session. Various other folk including Crass members were milling around for those days, doing little jobs when needed, like changing leads, moving amps about, and more importantly making copious amounts of strong tea.

I recorded the vocals to both tracks on the second day, one word at a time for the recording of the No Doves track, this was quite a change from the previous two releases (Crying Again and Witch Hunt both on All The Madmen Records) as the vocals on those records were recorded live. As you can imagine this was rather frustrating and somewhat draining on the spirit, but we assumed Penny and John knew what they were doing so I carried on regardless, and the single turned out  well, so good on them for pushing me to record the vocal track in this way.

I choose both the tracks, No Doves because it did not sound like any obvious Crass label recording and I Hear You Laughing which was a live favorite of the Mobs followers and supporters.

There was no pissing about in the studio, no drug use or anything. There was though many pots of tea being supplied and I also have a memory of Churchman Counter Shag rollups being smoked by Penny and the band (when offered to us). I believe this tobacco could only be obtained from around the Epping area, so I had never tried it before the session or indeed since.

On the second day, one of the studio hangers on was told to go out and hire a four foot diameter gong, bring it back to the studio and set it up to be recorded for the No Doves track. Most of the band had a go at trying to hit this gong correctly. Spent over an hour getting the gong sound right in the mix. Whether Josef’s gong sound went onto the final mix is anyone’s guess. It may well have been rerecorded after the band had left the studio. After over an hour of hearing just a gong sound it all sounded much the same and it could have been any of the recorded takes on the finished recording. Perhaps even my effort.


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