Crass Records 321984/2

Recorded and mixed at Southern Studios London Jan 81 Comes in a foldout poster sleeve Runout Groove notations: Side A: ‘All Animals Are Equal – Side B: But Some Are More Equal Than Others’ and released on July 7th 1981.

“In Spring of 1981 the band released the “Neu Smell EP” on the Crass label which reached number TWO in the indie charts and sold over 40,000 copies! This is when the secret service recognized them as tribal and dedicated members of the anarcho-punk scene and began following them around”. None of the tracks appeared on their debut album, Strive to Survive Causing Least Suffering Possible.

Colin Latter – Vocals

Derek Birkett – Bass
Kevin Hunter – Guitar
Martin Wilson – Drummer

“Crass asked us to do a single or an album when we were still the Epileptics, back in September 1979. The first Epileptics single came out on local Stortbeat label with whom we had a two year contract and a letter saying were free to do what we wanted to with Crass.

“The single went very well, the first local record to get anywhere and Stortbeat thought they were onto a good thing. It took two years to sort out the legal bits and in the end, Stortbeat went bankrupt and used us to pay off their debt to Spartan (a distribution company). We got our contract back then.”

The ‘Pig’ side of ‘Neu Smell’ begins and ends with an anti- war poem. In the middle comes ‘Tube Disasters’. Exploding with a ferociously uncouth twin-pronged axe-attack and blessed with a chorus running:

‘I love tube disasters/I wanna marry a tube disaster/I wanna another one like the last one/cos I live for tube disasters/yeah!’

Aren’t these couplings a trifle tasteless (to say the least) and offensive?

“It’s a provocative lyric. The meaning isn’t conveyed simply by the song. If you buy the record and read the sleeve then you’ll understand what it’s about. It’s just a different way of getting a message across. I should think that anybody who’s got the single will know what we’re about’.

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