CRASS nagasaki nightmare 

Crass Records 421984/5

Released 15th Feb 1981, from, the Crass Story :- The next single release was ‘Nagasaki Nightmare’/‘Big A Little A’, which was delivered in the traditional wraparound sleeve, covered in information carefully collated about the peace and war movements.

‘Nagasaki Nightmare’ featured Eve and Joy on vocals, mixing punk with cod-oriental sounds, again building on their avant garde twist to punk.The B-side (inasmuch as the concept applied) ‘Big A Little A’ was the most anthemic song they’d ever written. Dangerously close to rock- ’n’roll, it began with children singing the playground song of the title before crashing guitars announced Steve Ignorant:                                                                                                                                              “Big A Little A Bouncing B, the system might have got you but it won’t get me.” Half way through the song the power chords suddenly stop and we’re faced with Crass almost getting funky. Unlikely as it sounds, the whole thing works a treat, Crass proving they were still growing and reaching out to an ever-increasing audience without the slightest dilution of their ideas.Neither track appeared on an album. The single reached the #1 spot on the U.K. indie singles chart. There were three pressings of the single in 1981.


Main Sleeve Poster

This drawing was part of the inside sleeve, painting and collage 30cm x 21cm  done by Gee Vaucher.

The first pressing came with a black and white ‘Anti-War’ sew on patch which Crass printed at Dial House

Another version of the patch

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