C.R.A.S.S our wedding flexi

The next slice of mainstream publicity that Crass enjoyed brought with it an element of farce. Confusion certainly reigned supreme at Loving magazine when they were tricked into giving away a Crass flexidisc to their teenage girl readership. How a teen mag’s bullshit detector let them down’: NME relays the story of Crass’ infamous hoax on Loving magazine. Rimbaud explained their intent was ‘to expose all this absolute shit they’re shovelling out. I mean, they actually put out Our Wedding, which is totally over the top. I don’t see how anyone could have taken it seriously. We were amazed when they agreed to put it out.’ (NME).

As we were recording it, I was thinking there’s a heist here. So we got the idea of trying it out on one of these teeny magazines . . . cos it sounded so disgustingly convinc- ing!” Phil Free:“We realised we had to get the schmaltzy lyrics to fit the schmaltzy song.” Joy DeVivre:“Terrible words for terrible music! It had to fit a number of things: it was supposed to pass the idea of being on the Loving maga- zine flexi, so it had to be a believable piece.There was such an anti-mar- riage thing in the band.” The track was duly passed on to Loving editor Pam Lyons who fell for it hook, line and sinker. Crass pretended to be a rather more conformist outfit by the name of Creative Recording And Sound Services (CRASS) and approached a number of magazines with the idea of a free flexi release. Loving had taken the poisoned challice bait.When the scam became apparent Lyons roared:“This is a sick joke.We’ve turned Loving into a responsible and authoritative magazine” (what was it before, you wonder?) “and then this happens”, to which Penny Rimbaud responded by calling Loving and similar magazines “absolutely obscene and despica- ble. They exploit people in an aggressive and unpleasant manner”, adding that Crass was out to “expose the people who promote and produce the paper as emotional charlatans.They way they trivialise love and relationships is scandalous – it’s teenage pornography.”

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