Bullshit Detector 1

Released on Crass Records in 1980, this was a compilation of unsigned punk bands taken from demo tapes. As such the sound quality is pretty terrible throughout! Some of these bands would go on to release some great records, such as Amebix, Disrupters, Alternative. Icon changed their name to Icon AD and released a couple of singles with a poppier sound than their track on here. Overground records released a CD compiling those recently. Most of the other bands disappeared into the ether.

A perfect example of how tightened up the whole situation had become came when Crass Records released a compilation album of ‘artists’ that had sent them demo tapes. Bullshit Detector was a very, ahem, challenging record indeed. Depending on your viewpoint, Crass released a compilation album that was either a) the worst record in the world ever, or b) the most illustrative of the DIY scene, or c) both.

Bullshit Detector was so far beyond bad that it’s difficult to do justice to a description of its incompetence. It was certainly full of ‘straight punks’, whichever way you choose to interpret that description, and featured an assortment of bands that – with a couple of notable exceptions – had recorded their offerings on tape recorders without proper instruments. This can be seen as a noble DIY crusade, a fart in the face of prog rock, or an extension of Dada, but it’s difficult to believe that many people lis- tened to it more than once. Penny added ” The reason we ended up doing these kind of records was because we were making money at it and frankly we were embarrassed by it”

  1. – Andy T – “Jazz on a Summerday”
  2. – Counter Attack – “Don’t Wanna Fight For You”
  3. – The Alternative – “Change It”
  4. – Clockwork Criminals – “We Are You”
  5. – Reputation in Jeopardy – “Girls Love Popstars”
  6. – Crass – “Do They Owe Us a Living”
  7. – Amebix – “University Challenged”
  8. – Sceptics – “Local Chaos”
  9. – The Pranx – “Two Years Too Late”
  10. – Frenzy Battalion – “Thalidomide”
  11. – Icon – “Cancer”
  12. – The Speakers – “Why”
  13. – APF Brigade – “Anarchist Attack”
  14. – Fuck the C.I.A. – “Right or Wrong”
  15. – Caine Mutiny and the Kallisti Apples of Nonsense – “Morning star”
  16. – The Sucks – “Three”
  17. – Porno Squad – “Khaki Doesn’t Go With My Eyes”
  18. – S.P.G. Murders – “Soldiers”
  19. – Eratics – “National Service”
  20. – Red Alert – “Who Needs Society”
  21. – The Snipers – “War Song”
  22. – Armchair Power – “Power”
  23. – The Disrupters – “Napalm”
  24. – Andy T – “Nagasaki Mon Amour”
  25. – Action Frogs – “Drumming Up Hope”

Bullshit Sounds review

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  1. Ha ha – I read this and think – Everybody lies and everybody dies!

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