BLOODY REVOLUTIONS crass/poison girls

BLOODY REVOLUTIONS Crass Records 421984/1

19th May 1980, Crass released a split single with Poison Girls. With their ‘Bloody Revolutions’ track backed with the Poisons’ classic ‘Persons Unknown’, the proceeds from the record were to go to the formation of an anarchist centre in London, the bands made about £10,000 pounds from the single which they agreed in early 81 to give to the formation of the anarchist centre. That summer, the summer of 1981, England exploded, the press screamed about ‘anarchy’ and, using the fruits of the ‘Bloody Revolutions’ single, London’s first anarchy centre was established. The Autonomy Centre, as it was known, was set up in a warehouse in MetropolitanWharf inWapping.The space was suggested by workers at the anarchist Little A printers who worked in the same building. Although it was rented, it had much in common with subsequent squat- ted venues in that there was no music or drinks licences.You don’t need permission for anything, as Rotten once said. From the story of Crass. First single to have another band on the label, the split single was a good was to introduce Poison Girls to the Crass audience, for those who hadn’t seen them live together, and the price was 70p.

With the back cover we got to see the Crass Records logo for the first time, the crass symbol with  liberty image taken fro the old bailey liberty statue on its summit.

The poster sleeve designed by Gee Vaucher (Gouache 43cm x 29cm                             It portrays  a famous shot of the Sex Pistols but their heads have been changed to the Queen (sid) the Pope (steve) Liberty (paul) and Thatcher (rotten) , and they have been placed in some run down street with Crass graffiti. Personally I always loved this image, I always thought it was about the representation of idols and how we all choose idols we think are against the state but really are the state. I also love the nuclear power no thanks and the poison girls badges the Rotten character is wearing.

The two sides to Bloody Revolutions, Crass logo and Poison Gils Logo

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